Electric Gate Repair

Looking For Electric Gate Repair Services In Torrance?

Congratulations, these are the droids you’re looking for. In this case, this is the electric gate repair service you’re looking for in Torrance. The Gate Repair Company is a trusted name in the industry for a reason. A lot of reasons, actually. Every member of our workforce is like a family member and we share a collective pride for what we do. The Gate Repair Company not only provides great gate repair services but also electric gate installation services. Our prices are the lowest you will find for this kind of high-quality service. We are not just talking about the act of repairing or installing gates, either. We treat every customer with respect and kindness. That is the key to our company’s longevity.

Far More Than Your Average Electric Gate Repair Services


We install and repair all kinds of driveway gates from swing gates to sliding gates. We can replace or repair any electronic gate accessory. Whether it be a telephone entry system or vehicle sensors. We can even help you order and then install vehicle tag readers for extra security. Want to go green with a solar gate opener system? The Gate Repair Company can easily accommodate all your wants and needs. Our services are (but not limited to) all of this!


You literally won’t find a better variety of electric gate services in Torrance. The Gate Repair Company doesn’t just strive to provide the best electric gate services, we do. It doesn’t matter whether you are a residential electric gate or a commercial electric gate owner because we do both.

The Electric Gate Repair Checklist

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Every service comes with a full inspection of your electric gate. We have a checklist that each of our skilled employees will go over to make sure your gate is working properly. We’ll start by making sure it is receiving power then move on from there. This includes checking the structural integrity of your electric gate. If we find anything you need to know about, we will tell you. That doesn’t mean we’ll push it on you to fix it that day, either. If you want a job done that day, that is fine but if not then it is up to you! Of course, we always encourage you to have small issues taken care of before they become big issues.

A Trusted Electric Gate Repair Company

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that we understand your need to be able to trust us. Not just us as a company, though. You need to be able to trust our employees who will be visiting your commercial or residential property. That is why full background checks are completed before we hire anyone. From there, we make sure they are not just qualified in electric gate repair, but experts.


The Gate Repair Company believes that it’s more than just sounding like you know what you’re talking about. Whether it is something as simple as rollers and wheels or as complicated as a carded entry system, we can repair or replace it. Your electric gate has a lot of gate hardware that is sensitive and expensive. Only hire the best to work on it. Call (424) 400-2509 and the Gate Repair Company in Torrance will provide you with an electric gate service you need. Whether that be electric gate repair or an automatic gate installation from scratch.